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Ten Great Recruitment Videos

These companies have set aside vanilla and opted for a more flavourful preview into the employee experience. Here you will find 10 recruitment videos that don’t suck and actually leave an imprint. Let’s take a look…shall we?

Fiverr – We start with Fiverr. This video pokes fun at all of the cookie cutter recruitment videos that likely cost thousands if not tens of thousands to shoot and yet still leave no mark in the job seeker’s mind. Remember, everyone is at a different stage of the recruitment funnel and the video’s job is to create enough of an impression that brand recall occurs.




Vimeo – This one is an oldie but a goodie! It also shows you that you don’t need a serious production crew to film a human, funny, and memorable video. To top it off, this video is credible. Job seekers get to see real employees literally lying on a couch working or figuring out lunch. No smoke and mirrors here…just the raw and real employee experience. The viewer learns so much about the culture through one video. Well done Vimeo!


BBH London – “You cannot make a difference if indifferent!” True that! This video is so unique and powerful. Remember that great brands are designed to both attract and repel.  This is what optimizes your recruitment funnel. Opening the floodgates is old school thinking. Let your recruitment marketing do some work for you and that is exactly what this video does!

Natural Light – Relatable, fun, funny, and memorable! This company doesn’t take itself too seriously and as a result builds excitement around their summer intern opportunities. Move over stuffy corporate videos, hello #NattyIntern!


Starbucks – Real employee stories never seem to get old. The link to future career aspirations is also a key highlight of this video and a career at Starbucks. Walmart is doing something similar to help launch the careers of emerging talent.


Discover.org – This one is human and informative, a wee bit wacky, yet relatable. It tells a story of the company journey and hits all of the key considerations such as commute in the video. Well done Discover.org! 


Chewy.com – Chewy rocked this recruitment video! It demonstrated a customer centric workplace that is fun, wacky, and high-performing. Great recruitment marketing helps optimize the recruitment funnel by giving a realistic preview of the employee experience thus helping people opt in or out. Anyone not looking to go the extra mile for customers will understand this is not the workplace for them. There was a strong use of color for a consistent visual identity thus increasing the likelihood of brand recall. If you don’t want to work at Chewy after this video, you will certainly want to be a customer. LOVE! 


Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department – Take a massively popular trending topic like Game of Thrones, throw in a reference to your field, use your creative mind to bridge the two and you have a solid and playful recruitment video like the one from the Las Vegas police department. This video demonstrates passion for the field…so much so, Sophie Turner is considering a career in police work. This video not only highlighted that the work is interesting but that Las Vegas is the place to do it. Help job seekers answer the questions that are in their minds.


Soda Stream – Save the planet, join the revolution! Soda Stream highlights the qualities that enable one to thrive while being playful and funny at the same time. They weave in purpose and environmental conscientiousness allowing job seekers to see how their discipline specific talents may be put to use in bigger ways.


Dell – If you are going to create a corporate video, Dell does it right. It doesn’t feel scripted. It discusses the relevant topics on job seekers minds such as flexibility. While it may not scream funny and playful, it is successful in building the ever-sought after “know, like, and trust”. 

Well there you have it! It is possible to create recruitment video assets that are human, provide a realistic picture of the employee experience, and help job seekers descend in the recruitment funnel.

Now go on out there, hit record, and show the world your awesomeness!

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