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Recruiter Training Has Never Been So Much Fun!

Recruiter Training: You’ve heard it before, your recruiters want more training. The war for talent is intensifying and the landscape seems to be changing on a daily basis. While conferences are great networking opportunities, you are really looking for training that is specific to your organization’s current state. A collection of generalized approaches to topics is just no longer cutting it. 

Powerhouse Talent's Recruiter Training

Behold…Powerhouse Talent’s Talent Attraction Learning Intensive. Our custom learning workshops are called intensives for a reason. We get in there and dig into your organization’s specific needs. We dive deep into pain points and build the path forward together while learning simultaneously. We like to say we put the “action” in talent attraction learning.

Powerhouse Talent's Recruiter Training

Powerhouse Talent's Recruiter Training

In each customized session we provide inspiration, education, and operationalization to help get you to the other side! The best part is we have a blast doing it! Our sessions are designed for team building and togetherness. They are fun and human….no stuffy theory lectures here! So much so that we have a 100% net promoter score with participants describing the training as inspiring, engaging, unique, useful, and high quality!

Powerhouse Talent's Recruiter Training

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Walmart expands VR training to every US store

Walmart expands VR training to every US store

Walmart has announced it will send virtual reality headsets to all its stores in the U.S. after testing VR training for the past year. Walmart said it saw an increase in training test scores of 10 to 15% after introducing the VR-based training.

We work with employers who are ready to stand out in the war for talent and turn their company from “best kept secret” to “talent hot spot“. And the best part is, we make it feel easy on you as a busy HR professional, not to mention easy on your recruiting budget! We have put together a FREE employer branding webinar to help you rock the talent world! Click here to access it.

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