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We help companies share their story and build employee pride in a creative and compelling way, allowing them stand out in a sea of sameness. Start a cultural metamorphosis via your employer brand!

Employer Branding

We build employer brands from ideation to activation using our powerful methodology. It's time for your organization to be its best self, uniting your workforce and magnetizing prospective talent to join the journey. From Employee Value Proposition (EVP) development to your visual identity, Powerhouse Talent has got you covered!


Unlock your high-performance culture through purpose and intrinsic motivation. We help organizations undergo a cultural metamorphosis through a connection focused employee experience, meaningful communications, and a modern operating model.

Talent Attraction

From Talent Attraction strategy to full service search, clients count on Powerhouse Talent to deliver a first-rate experience. We understand the needs of exceptional talent and it is reflected in our advice, strategy development, and behaviour. Let's elevate your reputation through an outstanding candidate experience and awe-inspiring recruitment marketing.

There Is A War For Talent!

Join the 59% of leaders who are investing more this year in their talent brand (LinkedIn) and begin to cultivate a true pull strategy OR continue the endless chase, post and pray, and use of costly recruitment vendors.

 It’s Time To Break Up With Your Careers Site

It’s Time To Break Up With Your Careers Site

We know, you’ve been together a long time…it shows. It’s comfortable and easy, but you’ve lost the spark. You deserve better than that. Your needs matter too! There is a wide world of talent out there ready to see your amazing personality and if we may be so vain, your great looks too. But they keep swiping left. Let’s woo them together and show the world your awesomeness!

Fall In Love With Your Careers Site

Got The Will But Need The Way?

Check out LAND YOUR BRAND, our employer branding training program. This is more than a course, it’s a blueprint!

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  • “Goes above and beyond to deliver results”

    Sr Human Resources Professional, Toronto
  • “A very smart, articulate and eloquent Human Resources Professional”

    Sr. Human Resources Leader, California
  • “Accomplished, engaging and passionate HR leader who delivers results and establishes strong relationships”

    Sr Leader, Transformational Initiatives, Toronto


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