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Employer Branding Advice: How To Achieve List Bliss (When Building Thriving Talent Communities)

How to Achieve List Bliss (When Building Thriving Talent Communities)

If you read my recent ERE article on how to use a squeeze page to grow discipline specific talent communities, you may be wondering … now what?


Culture Advice: The Serious Business of Sandboxes

The Serious Business of Sandboxes

“In the long history of humankind (and animal kind), those who learned to collaborate and improvise most effectively have prevailed.” Charles Darwin, the author of this quote, was known more for his expertise on the science of evolution than the science of management.


Culture Advice: Microsoft’s CEO Sent an Extraordinary Email to Employees After They Committed an Epic Fail

Microsoft’s CEO Sent an Extraordinary Email to Employees After They Committed an Epic Fail

Just under a year ago, Microsoft launched a Twitter bot by the name of Tay (officially, Tay.ai), in an attempt to advance how artificial intelligence communicates with humans in real time. Things took a vicious turn, though, when hackers and others caused Tay to begin spewing racist and profane comments.


Culture Advice: The Talent Landscape Is Changing. Are You?

The Talent Landscape Is Changing. Are You?

The new generation of HR and learning leaders need to be versed in a broad range of talent-related topics. Two things are happening in parallel in today’s workplace that are challenging human resources and learning professionals to reevaluate their approach. First, there aren’t enough highly qualified people to go around these days.

Culture Advice: Win the war for talent by improving employee experience

Win the war for talent by improving employee experience

This is not the first time I’ve heard this story. An acquaintance of mine questions whether she is in the right job, in the right industry and working for the right employer. She recounts the story of her 20-year career in different roles and divisions with the same enterprise.


Employer Brand News: Fortune 500 Graded “C” in Recruitment Marketing

Fortune 500 Graded “C” in Recruitment Marketing

One-third of the Fortune 500 scored an “A” or “B” on their recruitment marketing efforts. Recruitment marketing platform developer SmashFly ranked the 2016 Fortune 500 an overall “C” average or “good.” “The nation’s largest organizations are getting more sophisticated and becoming more successful by integrating digital marketing, content marketing, mobile and social into their recruiting strategies,” said Mike Hennessy, founder and CEO of SmashFly.

Culture News: Ideation Nation: 5 Ways to Rethink Team Brainstorming

Ideation Nation: 5 Ways to Rethink Team Brainstorming ” CEOWORLD magazine

We have all been there. The outset of a new initiative and without a clue of how to kick off process successfully with the right creative juices flowing while also fostering team cohesion. The standard default is a brainstorming session. Insert eye-roll. Traditional brainstorming can lead to groupthink and conformity.


Employer Brand News: Employer’s reputation matters to brand-driven candidates

Candidate preferences have shifted significantly in the last decade. Gone are the days of the cradle-to-grave job, when employers held all the power over the talent pool.

Thanks to the digital age bringing about a new level of transparency, we’ve seen a rebalancing of power between employers and candidates. With information accessible at the touch of a button, candidates have never been in a better position to judge a company’s reputation and culture.

They are doing their due diligence on a brand before they’ve arrived for an interview, and this has resulted in the growing trend of the brand-driven candidate.

Brand-driven candidates are people who learn about a company’s employee value proposition and seek information on company culture, core values and core social responsibility initiatives. Our research found half of Australian jobseekers believe an employer’s brand and reputation is more important now than it was five years ago.

Not surprisingly, millennials are the most likely group to be brand-motivated. Brand-driven candidates want to work for an authentic and trustworthy company that has its values based in mutual respect between employer and employee. Eight in 10 Australians feel trust is the most important aspect of company brand.

Full article can be found here.

Employer Brand News: Hire The Best In 2017 & Stand Out From The Crowd

How to hire the best people in 2017: make sure your employer brand stands out from the crowd

The new year is a time for fresh starts and new ambitions. It’s no coincidence that it’s also the most popular time of year for LinkedIn’s 467 million members to update their professional profiles as they consider their next career move.


Culture Advice: Gender Diversity On Boards And The Long Road Ahead

This Is The State Of Gender Diversity On Boards Around The World

One particular problem the recent Snap IPO news brought to light yet again is how few women sit on the boards of directors of major public companies. This, in light of the fact that recent findings from MSCI ESG, a global research firm, indicate that companies with strong female representation on boards generated a Return on Equity of 10.1% per year versus 7.4% for those without.

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