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Five Tips For Writing Employer Of Choice Award Submissions That Win!

So you’ve decided to submit an employer of choice or industry award nomination for your organization.

Now it’s time to write a submission that actually gets traction. We have some great news. We help clients with this frequently and are here to dish some tips to help you win at work! Insert happy dance!

1) Write with Personality

There is nothing worse than reading a regurgitation of stats and facts. Imagine what the judges are thinking when they are sifting through an endless stack of submissions. It’s time to wow them and move them into action in order to get your submission into the finalist pile.

Much like all of the writing we do at Powerhouse, we write with heart and in a manner that feels human. We encourage you to do the same. So what does this actually look like? It means finding your voice and ensuring a consistent tone across channels. This comes back to the overarching significance of taking time to understand and build out your employee value proposition (EVP) and employer brand strategy. When we understand our tone of voice and consistently use it with every communication including award submissions, we reinforce key messages, our brand personality, and build brand trust.

2) Tell Stories

Did you know that stories are 22 times more powerful than facts alone? I discovered this while conducting research for my book Peace, Love, & Meaningful Careers…shameless plug. The fact remains, stories work.

Reflect on the question at hand and then swiftly move into storytelling mode. Help the reader, in this case, the judge, become immersed in your transformational journey. This builds connection and deepens an emotional response to the information.  

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 3) Don’t Wait Until the Last Minute

If you’ve decided to participate in various award submissions, really commit to the process. This means proper planning. There are organizations all over the world that hire agencies skilled in crafting submissions and telling impactful stories. These are experts in understanding the information required to help judges move into action and consider them as a finalist for an award. That is your competition. 

Slapping together facts in a generic fashion will not get you to the finish line, as it is a representation of who you are as an employer. If you care enough to submit your proposal for consideration, care enough to plan and do it right. This doesn’t mean you must hire an agency although many organizations who do not have internal Communications teams find it to be more effective and cost-efficient than hiring an internal resource to manage the work.

4) Use Another Set of Eyes or Two 

When we write submissions, we go deep in the zone becoming so familiar with the work that it proves more difficult to spot errors. As such, with every writing project we embark on, we undergo an editing phase. This is done by an individual skilled in copyediting which is a different skill set than writing. Not only does this improve grammar and overall composition, but it ensures minor typos are caught and a submission is flawlessly executed.

Buy your grammatically skilled colleague a virtual coffee and have them review your submissions with a fine-tooth comb. 

5) Persevere

When we started to walk, we didn’t just get up and run a marathon. The move from crawling to running down the halls of our home took time. There’s value in pursuing awards whether you win them or not as it works a self-reflection muscle which brings greater intentionality to building an exceptional employee experience. Check out this article here where we discuss this further.

It’s not uncommon to be shortlisted yet not cross the finish line in year one, only to find the very next year you are crowned the winner. Like everything else in life, it’s about perseverance.


Well there you have it, five tips to help you rock the awards circuit! We’re sending you winning vibes from the Powerhouse team. Send us a note and let us know how your award submissions worked out. Happy writing!

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