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Powerhouse Talent Inc.

The Power Up Project

A Force For Good!

Are you a non-profit or charitable organization looking for “on the house” small one-off employer branding support to attract and retain top talent? Powerhouse Talent believes in social entrepreneurship and giving back to causes that support social good.

How can you and your organization benefit from this good karma? Consider applying to be a recipient of the Power Up Project.

It’s easy! Submit a one-page proposal outlining:

  • Your organization’s mission
  • Which specific HR employer branding services you require assistance with 
  • Which resources you can contribute to support the initiative 
  • Desired timeframe
  • Contact information

Projects will be selected based on scope, work alignment, and capacity availability. An application submission does not guarantee Power Up Project approval. Submissions can be emailed to info@powerhousetalent.ca.

We are pleased to offer a non-profit discount for larger projects and/or ongoing work engagements.