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Employer Branding Advice: Does Your Brand Attract Star Employees?

Does Your Brand Attract Star Employees?

by Nate Dvorak and Robert Gabsa Story Highlights A majority of Americans say now is a good time to find a quality job Companies do a poor job of conveying their brand promise to job seekers Organizations need to reach job seekers on an emotional level Many star employees are probably ready to leave their companies.


Employee Value Proposition News: Employees Will Leave Companies That Don’t Offer Flexible Conditions

Employees will leave companies that don’t offer flexible conditions: Study

Australian employees will resign from organisations that don’t offer flexible working conditions, meaning employers are under pressure to evolve and adapt, according to CEB. Since 2011, work/life balance has been the number one driver of attraction for employees on the lookout for new career opportunities, according to CEB ‘s Global Talent Monitor.


Employer Brand News: 6 Reasons Employer Branding Is A Must

6 Reasons Employer Branding is a Must

Whether you do it intentionally or not, your company is already creating an employer brand. Your culture and organizational behavior are the products that prospective job candidates are “buying” when they agree to spend the majority of their waking hours working for you.