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Talent Strategy News: A Strategic Plan Without A Talent Strategy Isn’t A Plan

A Strategic Plan Without a Talent Strategy Isn’t a Plan

“So what happens if I create strategy and ‘ignore’ the talent side since we have never paired the two together?” As a senior faculty member for the Human Capital Institute, I was leading a two-day strategic workforce planning session recently in Singapore when that question was posed to me.

Career Advice: The Dreaded Salary Expectations Question

Employer Branding – Does Your Purpose Resonate With Everyone, Or Just Senior Leaders?

Does Your Company’s Purpose Resonate With Everyone, Or Just Senior Leaders?

Discovering your company’s “purpose” is tough. Sustaining it can be even tougher. Even if you’ve zeroed in on a mission that your executives love, it won’t do your company much good if the rest of your team doesn’t share the same sentiment.

Hard Work or Natural Talent?

Hard Work Or Natural Talent? Study Reveals What Impresses Hiring Managers The Most

12,063 Views Trying to impress a hiring manager-without overdoing it-is essential to landing the job. But, what qualifications are most likely to give you a competitive edge? Should you emphasize the years of experience you have under your belt? Or will that cause the hiring manager to question why you haven’t moved up the ranks faster?

Recruitment News: Update on the Talent Shortage

New Research Points The Finger At Employers For The Widespread Talent Shortage

More than half of all U.S. employers are complaining of a talent shortage, but a new report suggests they are largely to blame for causing it. According to a recent study by the The Manpower Group, a Milwaukee-based human resource consulting firm, employers are struggling to find talent as a result of a rapidly changing labor market.

5 Companies That Have Built Powerful Employer Brands

How These 5 Companies Built Brands People Want to Work For

Recruitment marketing is quickly becoming one of the hottest topics in business. And for good reason, too. Believe it or not, 94 percent of candidates are more likely to apply for a job if that company actively manages their employer brand. My company recently conducted a research study into candidate experience and the power of an effective employer brand.

Recruitment Insights- Great Article About Grit

Powerful Habits of Mentally Strong People

Despite West Point Military Academy’s rigorous selection process, one in five students drop out by graduation day. A sizeable number leave the summer before freshman year, when cadets go through a rigorous program called “Beast.” Beast consists of extreme physical, mental, and social challenges that are designed to test candidates’ perseverance.

No Surprise That Candidate Experience, Employer Brand & Cycle Time Matter To Recruits

Why women have become more tenacious in their job hunt

According to research that we published earlier this year, the majority (81.4%) of women are not willing to compromise on certain areas when looking for a job. Compared to just 76.9% of men, it’s clear that women are becoming more tenacious in their job hunt – and who can blame them?

Employer Branding – Bad recruitment experiences cost brands millions in lost customers

Bad recruitment experiences cost brands millions in lost customers

Interviewees may feel like they are in the spotlight during the recruitment process but the brands conducting the interview are under just as much scrutiny, as new research suggests a poor recruitment experience could turn candidates off that brand for life.

Transferable Skills Count Too!

How to talk about transferable skills

Very few career paths are straight lines. They often involve pivots, lateral moves and sometimes even jumps to entirely new industries. Transferable skills – the abilities and experience that may not relate directly to a new position, but that will still prove beneficial to your success – are key to landing any new job, particularly if you’re looking to alter your career trajectory.

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