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Employer Brand News: The difference between recruitment marketing and employer branding

Difference Between Recruitment Marketing and Employer Branding

It’s amazing when we, and our thinking, can evolve quickly. But a lot of times, things get lost in translation – we take what we know about one concept and apply it broadly. Think about AI (Artificial Intelligence); it’s often confused with IA (Intelligent Automation), as well as Machine Learning.


Employer Brand News: Crafting a strong employer brand strategy

Crafting a strong employer brand strategy

“A strong employer brand means loyalty, advocacy and engagement from the workforce,” says one respondent of this year’s survey of employer brand managers in the UK. Another says, “High engagement with the business both internally and externally which will contribute to the success of the business” is the biggest value a strong employer brand will have on a company.

LAND YOUR BRAND- Employer Brand Training

Tired of spending a fortune on recruitment advertising and vendor fees and still not attracting the talent you need?
Don’t spend another recruiting dollar until you watch the video below.
Are you constantly chasing talent vs. them finding you? If you are lucky enough to have them come directly to you, have you simply opened the floodgates to poor quality candidates thus destroying your recruitment team’s capacity?
If you answered YES then your EMPLOYER BRAND is not working as hard as it should for you.
Great employer brands help create a PULL STRATEGY and turn the tables on the war for talent.
Great brands are targeted and help optimize your recruitment process, thus BUILDING capacity.
Are you looking to build your organization’s employer brand and have no clue where to start?
We are sharing our 7 step employer branding process to creating compelling, meaningful and authentic employer brands.
It is hard not to feel overwhelmed by the volume of information and not knowing where to start. That is exactly why we created the LAND YOUR BRAND blueprint.
LAND YOUR BRAND will teach you how to create a captivating employer brand strategy (even if you have no experience in this area and have NO budget)
Not every company can afford an employer branding consultant or branding firm.
That is WHY we have taken our 7 step system and created a playbook for success to help organizations regardless of budget.
We are talking about engaging video learning modules and easy to use “plug and play” tools and templates while still capturing YOUR AUTHENTIC VOICE for your organization.
What are you waiting for? Click on the link below to learn more.
It is time to create an EPIC employer brand!

Employer brand training course


Career Advice: What to do when a co-worker takes credit for your work

What To Do When A Coworker Takes Credit For Your Work

Don’t be a pushover-stand up for yourself and get credit where credit is due. Elana Lyn Gross, Monster contributor You worked hard on the problem, came up with an innovative solution, and now you want to deliver your awesome solution to your team and client.


Recruitment News: Diary Of A Former Apple Intern

Diary Of An Ex-Apple Intern

With that in mind, it’s probably no surprise that competition for internships is intense , particularly at hot companies like Apple, Google, Tesla, and others . So how do you get an internship at these coveted companies? I spoke to Maxime Britto, who is now a software engineer and the founder of Purple Giraffe , a French online school for mobile developers.


Recruitment Marketing: From Trendy to Necessary

Recruitment Marketing: From Trendy to Necessary

Recruitment marketing has grown in the last few years from being just a buzzy fad or aspirational “nice to have” into a core HR discipline. Study after study shows that best-in-class talent acquisition functions begin the recruiting process long before a candidate applies for a job or future new hires even think they need a new job.


Career Advice: The CEO of a billion-dollar brand says he doesn’t hire people with a red-flag quality that’s ‘the enemy of everything’

The CEO of a billion-dollar brand says he doesn’t hire people with a red-flag quality that’s ‘the enemy of everything’

If you’re heading into a job interview planning to self-deprecate and talk about all your past screw-ups, you’re probably not going to get hired. On the flip side, if you’re heading there thinking that you really deserve the interviewer’s job, you’re probably not going to get hired, either.


Culture News: A five-step formula for fostering a culture of innovation

A five-step formula for fostering a culture of innovation

The Holy Grail these days is a “culture of innovation”. Everybody wants one. Nobody quite knows what it is or how to arrange it for their firm. Soren Kaplan, a consultant based in San Francisco and affiliated professor at University of Southern California’s Marshall School of Business, agrees with the desire for a culture of innovation.


Employee Value Proposition News: Employees Will Leave Companies That Don’t Offer Flexible Conditions

Employees will leave companies that don’t offer flexible conditions: Study

Australian employees will resign from organisations that don’t offer flexible working conditions, meaning employers are under pressure to evolve and adapt, according to CEB. Since 2011, work/life balance has been the number one driver of attraction for employees on the lookout for new career opportunities, according to CEB ‘s Global Talent Monitor.


Employer Brand News: 6 Reasons Employer Branding Is A Must

6 Reasons Employer Branding is a Must

Whether you do it intentionally or not, your company is already creating an employer brand. Your culture and organizational behavior are the products that prospective job candidates are “buying” when they agree to spend the majority of their waking hours working for you.


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