On-Site Recruitment Training

Recruiter Training


Is your team craving recruitment training, growth, and development but strapped for time? We thought so. No one has time for just theory and practice exercises. Teams want to come together, learn what is happening outside the walls of their organization, and collaborate on how to optimize how they work. 

We work with organizations inspired to learn, ideate, and take action in our custom designed training intensives. From one on one learning to full teams, we help organizations evolve, and FAST!

Select from 1, 2, or 3 days of growing as a team, amping up your talent attraction game, and putting the learnings into immediate action.

The best part is that Powerhouse Talent takes the session’s action items and transforms them into tools, processes, and strategies. This means your team bonds, learns, designs, and leaves the heavy lifting of operationalization to us.

Mind-blowing…we know! Give us a shout to learn more. Banish old-school learning and reignite the passion in your recruitment team.