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If We Were A Toy, We’d Be A Transformer!

Helping You Undergo A #CulturalMetamorphosis

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About Us:

Powerhouse Talent was born from passion and built around the white space we saw first-hand from our time in corporate HR. The vision was simple, building community at work.

We apply this mindset to employer branding, recruitment marketing, and talent attraction strategy. 

We help organizations find their voice, amplify it, and create a shared mission that unites their existing team while magnetizing prospective talent to join the journey. As certified HR leaders, we understand people and culture and are passionate about helping clients build an exceptional candidate and employee experience.

Clients choose Powerhouse Talent because they want to stand out, be bold, start a movement, and undergo a cultural metamorphosis. 

We are different by design and help our clients stand out in a sea of sameness. We are boldly creative and wired for excellence in execution, plus we make sure to have fun along the way!

That is why our clients choose to POWER UP! Give us a shout!

Employer Brand Agency

Meet The Founder of Powerhouse Talent,  Alyssa Krane, CHRL

Background: Certified HR Leader with twenty years advising business leaders on progressive HR and talent strategy. Author for publications such as HR Professional, CEO World Magazine, Glassdoor for Employers, ERE, and more. Advice featured in Forbes, Fast Company, Fortune, and more.

Passions: All things employer branding, family, painting, and jam bands.

Pet peeves: Career site stock images and corporate speak that really says nothing at all.

Bucket list activity: The Everest base camp trek!

Lyrics to live by: “Don’t criticize what you can’t understand” Bob Dylan.

Put on this planet to: Shape organizational culture through building community at work (#CulturalMetamorphosis) . Power tools include killer employer brand methodology, massive creativity, and heart.

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