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Modern Online Outplacement Is Here!

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Over the years, we’ve connected with countless employees navigating change in their careers. Sometimes it was a personal decision prompting this desire to switch jobs. Other times, the change was not their decision at all. Regardless of how one finds themselves in this stage whether voluntary or not, we must remember that while change may be scary, support can make all the difference in the world.

Modern Job Search, Personal Branding, & Outplacement:

That is exactly why we built Upper Brand, our career and personal branding online course. Upper Brand is a modern program that infuses personal branding with solid career search techniques. It moves beyond theory and banishes old school outplacement formats and methodologies. We understand the world of recruitment because we ourselves have recruited. We have also worked with recruiters from around the world and understand the current landscape. We have been in candidate debriefing sessions, participated in salary negotiations, and seen first-hand major decision drivers for hiring leaders.

In addition to our depth of knowledge in talent acquisition, we specialize in branding. Understanding your value proposition and your personal brand is vital in this day in age.

Modern Online Outplacement and Career Search/Personal Branding Course:

Upper brand was designed to share a behind the scenes look at the the recruitment process, how recruiting systems work and what happens with your resume once you apply, as well as how hiring leaders and recruiters think. On top of that, this program was crafted to help the user understand their career vision, development needs, and gain the inspiration and confidence needed to get the upper hand brand!

Learn from a certified HR leader and brand strategist to help you get the upper brand!

If you are looking for affordable outplacement and career development education, this is the course for you.

Built with love, we hope you enjoy our program. Click here for details on Upper Brand.

Upper Brand – Career & Personal Brand Development

Job Search Preparation Course (Outplacement) – Ready to get clear on your career goals and personal brand? Want to learn how to communicate your unique value proposition? Learn from a certified HR leader and brand strategist to help you get the upper brand!