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Are you constantly chasing talent vs. them finding you? If you are lucky enough to have them come directly to you, have you simply opened the floodgates to poor quality candidates thus destroying your recruitment team’s capacity?
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Great employer brands help create a PULL STRATEGY and turn the tables on the war for talent.
Great brands are targeted and help optimize your recruitment process, thus BUILDING capacity.
Are you looking to build your organization’s employer brand and have no clue where to start?
We are sharing our 7 step employer branding process to creating compelling, meaningful and authentic employer brands.
It is hard not to feel overwhelmed by the volume of information and not knowing where to start. That is exactly why we created the LAND YOUR BRAND blueprint.
LAND YOUR BRAND will teach you how to create a captivating employer brand strategy (even if you have no experience in this area and have NO budget)
Not every company can afford an employer branding consultant or branding firm.
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We are talking about engaging video learning modules and easy to use “plug and play” tools and templates while still capturing YOUR AUTHENTIC VOICE for your organization.
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Employer brand training course