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Employer Branding Co-Operative FAQ

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Employer Branding Co-Operative Frequently Asked Questions:

What is the EB Co-Op?

The EB Co-Op is an annual membership that instantly adds an employer branding and talent attraction strategist to your team. Members will gain monthly or quarterly access to their very own Employer Brand Strategist for customized HR advisory support. We get to know your organization, your challenges, and your needs to be your trusted strategy partner in the war for talent.

But that is not all. Members also gain access to our custom learning platform for just in time learning, tools, and resources.


How does it work?

In each scheduled video conference strategy session, we will tackle real time challenges from Employee Value Proposition development (EVP) and talent market positioning to creative recruitment campaign development.

Members gain valuable ideas and the blueprint for activation. Wonder no longer about what to do and how to do it. Be guided by your very own strategist while building your capability in this emerging facet of Human Resources.

Do you need to have experience with Employer Branding?

No experience is needed as your strategist will guide you while growing your knowledge and skill-set simultaneously.

How many people from my team can join?

The quarterly program provides learning platform access for up to two team members. The monthly program provides access for up to four.

How much does it cost?

Give us a shout at info@powerhousetalent.ca to learn about pricing.

What are the real benefits?

The EB Co-Op democratizes HR and employer branding making it financially accessible to companies of all sizes, not simply those with mega budgets. Imagine having your very own HR strategist on your team with regular strategy sessions to plot, plan, and dream up the future of your talent attraction strategy.

The outcome…

Dedicated expertise for your organization

Talent Attraction strategy traction! Get s%*t done!

Capability building for your team

Making a real dent in the war for talent!

It’s time to step up your game and get strategic!


How long does a membership last?

The EB Co-Op is an annual membership.

What type of talent attraction work can be accomplished via the EB Co-Op?

  • Employee Value Proposition development (EVP) process support and development
  • Employer brand strategy support 
  • Career site redesign ideation and support
  • Talent attraction channel ideation and support
  • Employer of choice award positioning and ideation support
  • And more!

Hit us up here to learn more! Don’t get left behind. It’s time to discover your best self!