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Employee Engagement- 6 Things Great Bosses Constantly Remind Their Teams

Six Things Great Bosses Constantly Remind Their Teams

Whether you’ve just started training your first hire or you’ve been managing scores of people for decades, you’re in the position of being a leader. And if there’s one aspect of leadership that holds true, regardless of staff size or industry, it’s that being one isn’t for the thin-skinned or the faint of heart.

Recruitment News- 3 Workplace Trends Millennials Are Eliminating in 2017

3 Workplace Trends Millennials Are Eliminating in 2017

The American work force has never been more diverse, with generations spanning from Baby Boomers to Gen X-ers and beyond. In recent years, however, Millennials (adults aged 19 to 35) have driven the biggest transformation in workplace dynamics. Experts and studies, for instance, tout how the Millennial generation is more collaborative than others and has a strong preference for remote work options.

Employer Branding – Does Your Purpose Resonate With Everyone, Or Just Senior Leaders?

Does Your Company’s Purpose Resonate With Everyone, Or Just Senior Leaders?

Discovering your company’s “purpose” is tough. Sustaining it can be even tougher. Even if you’ve zeroed in on a mission that your executives love, it won’t do your company much good if the rest of your team doesn’t share the same sentiment.

Hard Work or Natural Talent?

Hard Work Or Natural Talent? Study Reveals What Impresses Hiring Managers The Most

12,063 Views Trying to impress a hiring manager-without overdoing it-is essential to landing the job. But, what qualifications are most likely to give you a competitive edge? Should you emphasize the years of experience you have under your belt? Or will that cause the hiring manager to question why you haven’t moved up the ranks faster?

Who Shapes Company Culture?

HR Can’t Change Company Culture by Itself

A strong culture is vital for organizational success – as evidenced by the relationship between culture and leadership, employee commitment, customer satisfaction, and innovation. But “strong” doesn’t mean fixed. As the organizational goals and strategy change over time, so too should culture intentionally be changed.

Teaching Vs Learning

Teaching vs. Learning

“Give a Man a Fish, and You Feed Him for a Day. Teach a Man to Fish, and You Feed Him for a Lifetime.” -Chinese Proverb Early on in my career, I was assigned to train a large consumer goods packaging company on a new software platform they had purchased from my company.


From Employer Branding to Personal Branding…It All Matters

How To Use Social Media To Get Ahead in Your Career

For as long as I can remember, I dreamed about someday living in New York. For even longer, I dreamed about someday working in the fashion industry. But after spending my teenage years reading every magazine I could get my hands on, taking fashion classes in the city and mapping out my entire career in the industry, when it finally came time to make my long-awaited college decision, I completely chickened out.


Lessons From Incubators on Mentoring

The Mentor/Mentee Relationship: Lessons For Incubators And Accelerators

In the fall of 2013, I helped launch the Education Design Studio incorporated (EDSi), a private, for-profit hybrid incubator, seed-fund and design studio that operates in partnership with the University of Pennsylvania. Like many edtech incubators, EDSi has a mentoring program.

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