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No Surprise That Candidate Experience, Employer Brand & Cycle Time Matter To Recruits

Why women have become more tenacious in their job hunt

According to research that we published earlier this year, the majority (81.4%) of women are not willing to compromise on certain areas when looking for a job. Compared to just 76.9% of men, it’s clear that women are becoming more tenacious in their job hunt – and who can blame them?

Employer Branding – Bad recruitment experiences cost brands millions in lost customers

Bad recruitment experiences cost brands millions in lost customers

Interviewees may feel like they are in the spotlight during the recruitment process but the brands conducting the interview are under just as much scrutiny, as new research suggests a poor recruitment experience could turn candidates off that brand for life.

Transferable Skills Count Too!

How to talk about transferable skills

Very few career paths are straight lines. They often involve pivots, lateral moves and sometimes even jumps to entirely new industries. Transferable skills – the abilities and experience that may not relate directly to a new position, but that will still prove beneficial to your success – are key to landing any new job, particularly if you’re looking to alter your career trajectory.

Employer Brand- Attract the Right Candidates with Honesty

Want To Attract The Right Job Candidates? Repel The Wrong Ones

To keep their edge in an intensely competitive hiring climate, some companies are trying to make themselves more attractive employers. In many ways, that’s understandable. Building an employer brand can create the sizzle that brings as many candidates as possible through your door. This is a mistake.

Boomerang Employees Offer So Much!

LinkedIn VP explains why ‘boomerang employees’ are becoming the new normal

Jerry Brown served as governor of California in the 1980s and 2010s. Jack Dorsey founded Square between his two stints as CEO of Twitter. Michael Jordan even tried baseball before coming back to carry the Bulls to three more championships. These are all examples of a growing career trend called “boomeranging.”

Why This Fintech Start-up Will Attract Great Talent Via Its Employer Brand

Every branding consultancy has their style, view of the world, and preferences. We love brands that give an authentic preview of the employee experience, own who they are, and proudly share it with the world. We lean towards bold brands, mega-personality, and big swings! There are enough corporate clones…yawn.

employer brand Toronto

We came across Sensibill and thought we would share.  Scrolling through their site, the reader understands the culture…the vibe. It is a Zen, minimalist site that has big impact. Their job posts read as “human”…imagine that!  Every company has a different journey they are on and story to tell. If you are a start-up, you don’t need to overwhelm with content. It just needs to be honest, playful, and revealing of your culture. This is where they hit the mark.

employer brand Toronto

If you research Sensibill on employer review sites, you can see the authenticity in their messaging. This is key! I am sure as Sensibill grows, so too will their content and brand, but this is a great example of the power of thoughtful storytelling.

Employer Brand Toronto

3 Simple Ways to Make Your Content Sing:

  1. Find your distinguishing factor. Why you? What is the common thread when asking that very question to your employees? Now bring that unique characteristic to life by having it be a central theme in attracting talent.
  2. Make it visual. Help talent see what life is like at your company. Photos, videos, employee profiles, social media feeds, etc.
  3. Keep it simple. Too much text and your talent has moved on to the next site. Story-telling does not mean you write a novel.

Disclosure: In the spirit of transparency, it should be noted that Powerhouse Talent Inc. was unaffiliated with Sensibill at the time of this article. We are simply admirers of creative and authentic storytelling.

And the Executive Success Difference Maker is…

executive search Toronto

A better executive search

A Culture Of Employer Brand Advocacy Is So Important

Seven Ways To Define And Communicate Your Unique Employer Brand

A consistent employer brand is the key to having a cohesive workforce.

Is segmentation the future of employer branding?

The Futurist: employer branding will focus more on segmentation in the future

Want to learn the latest talent acquisition techniques? Don’t miss Recruitment Asia,the region’s biggest & best recruitment and talent acquisition strategy conference.Happening in November 2016 in Kuala Lumpur and Singapore. Employer branding is a discipline that is evolving as quickly in the marketing space as it is in the HR space.

3 Ways to Enhance the Candidate Experience


candidate experience recruitment employer brand

In today’s highly competitive talent market, failing to pay attention to the candidate experience will cost you in more ways than one. For starters, there is your reputation that feeds your employer brand. There is the diminished pool of referrals thus leading to other potentially more expensive sourcing methods. There is also the inability to compete with multiple offers. If a few similar offers come in around the same time, may the best candidate experience win! We at Powerhouse Talent also like to consider what is the right thing to do as a human being. Karma baby…we live by doing good.

We look at the candidate experience from the perspective of the head and the heart. What do they need to know and feel to have an outstanding candidate journey?

  • Stay connected! Even if things have started to stall, communicate, communicate, communicate! Explain the process or what may be happening in the organization (a big conference, deliverable or exercise). A quick LinkedIn message, text or call can mean so much. Radio silence is not the answer.
  • Move over robots or drones… this is a human experience! Treat others the way you wish to be treated. Real connection builds interest. Are those involved in the talent attraction process building real relationships with talent or is your process like an assembly line? Candidates can feel the difference and will walk away.
  • Be different and help them visualize life at your company! If your process is a multi-stage one, let one interview be more casual. Perhaps a walk around the neighbourhood, grabbing a coffee or checking out the new employee lounge. Let the candidate experience life at your company, meet the team and see themselves working there. We all want to belong. Taking a break from a typical interview venue such as a boardroom helps breathe life into the process.

Need a search partner with a heart? Powerhouse Talent delivers CHRL directed searches that mitigate risk both legally and reputationally, backs up their work with industry leading guarantees and ensures the candidate journey is an exceptional one. After all, we are search and brand specialists, thus able to see the bigger talent brand picture. Power Up!


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