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Recruitment Update- New LinkedIn Feature

LinkedIn has released a new feature that’ll make your job search a little easier

Looking for a new job when you already have one can be tricky, but LinkedIn might now be able to make it a little easier. The service is rolling out a new feature that allows you to tell recruiters you’re interested in changing jobs without your current employer finding out.

Recruitment- Powerful Interview Conversation Starter

All Job Interviews Should Include This 1 Question (Unless You Want to Hire the Wrong Person)

The best job interviews aren’t interrogations, they’re conversations. But it’s really hard to strike up a great conversation when all you do is ask a series of scripted questions. No matter how hard you try, the process will feel more like an interrogation… and where interrogations are concerned, there are no winners.

Recruitment News: Update on the Talent Shortage

New Research Points The Finger At Employers For The Widespread Talent Shortage

More than half of all U.S. employers are complaining of a talent shortage, but a new report suggests they are largely to blame for causing it. According to a recent study by the The Manpower Group, a Milwaukee-based human resource consulting firm, employers are struggling to find talent as a result of a rapidly changing labor market.

Workplace Culture- Work Hard, Play Nice!

How I Created a “No Mean Girls” Office Culture

“Work hard, play nice” is my mantra. I learned it growing up, and now I want my children to live and breathe it. No one deserves good things in life if they cheat to get there.

5 Companies That Have Built Powerful Employer Brands

How These 5 Companies Built Brands People Want to Work For

Recruitment marketing is quickly becoming one of the hottest topics in business. And for good reason, too. Believe it or not, 94 percent of candidates are more likely to apply for a job if that company actively manages their employer brand. My company recently conducted a research study into candidate experience and the power of an effective employer brand.

Interesting Read on Work/Life Balance…

Study Finds Work-Life Balance Could Be A Matter Of Life And Death

People often complain that their job is killing them, or that they’re working themselves to death, but new research suggests there may be more truth to those clich├ęs than we realize.

Recruitment Insights- Great Article About Grit

Powerful Habits of Mentally Strong People

Despite West Point Military Academy’s rigorous selection process, one in five students drop out by graduation day. A sizeable number leave the summer before freshman year, when cadets go through a rigorous program called “Beast.” Beast consists of extreme physical, mental, and social challenges that are designed to test candidates’ perseverance.

Music & InfoSec Talent Shortage? A Very Interesting Read…

Musicians May Be The Key To The Cybersecurity Talent Shortage

In his mid-20s, Tom Donahue was faced with a choice. He had a steady job in software consulting. But he was also a gigging musician. It was the mid-’90s-the computer space was burgeoning at the time as more people began to connect their machines to networks.

InfoSec Recruitment- Panel Encourages Casting A Wider Net

Information security needs to cast recruitment net wider, says panel

Organisations can help to fill the cyber security skills gap by casting their recruitment net wider, according to a discussion panel at the (ISC)2 Emea Congress 2016 in Dublin. “The security industry has a very narrow definition of an information security professional,” said independent security consultant Brian Honan.

Awesome New Digs for Deloitte!

How Deloitte landed in its new digs

Adam Patchet admits he was “very anxious” when he learned he’d be moving to a new office that has no assigned workspaces. The senior manager of internal taxation of Deloitte Canada had always worked in offices where employees had desks with their names on plaques and managers got prime locations at a window.

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