Approximately one third of Canadian employers are experiencing challenges attracting the talent they need (2015 Manpower Talent Shortage Survey). Ask any Human Resources professional and they will tell you that finding the right talent in a timely fashion has a material impact on their organization’s overall success. Without the right people in the right roles, business objectives are either unmet or met under less than ideal circumstances for existing employees, thus impacting overall retention and engagement.

What is a Talent Acquisition professional to do? Post the job …right? In today’s highly competitive marketplace, that is simply not enough. Below are four questions to ask yourself if you are responsible for attracting talent to your organization.

  • Where are you posting? One size does not fit all. Have you considered niche portals or professional associations? How long are you posting for? Hot talent is off the market before you know it. If you post for too long, you may have missed the opportunity to connect with your top applicant.


  • Are your leaders involved in speaking engagements? Leaders can be great talent magnets. Today’s top talent is drawn to passion, innovation and a visionary in their industry. Get your leaders out in the community building the buzz around your organization.


  • What does your candidate experience look like? Failing to pay attention to your candidate experience can cost you both financially and from a reputation perspective. Have you mapped your candidate experience to ensure optimization and to maximize the “warm and fuzzy” factor? When talent feels valued, respected and wanted regardless of whether or not they are “the one”, you reap huge talent attraction benefits. Word spreads, brand enhances and costs decrease.


  • Are you working with a true search professional to tap into the passive market? Many external recruiters are sales people and not HR professionals, thus the search may be conducted in a very different fashion. Aligning with a search partner that is a Human Resources professional mitigates risk both legally and reputationally and preserves the focus on the candidate experience. This all feeds into your talent brand as your search partner is an extension of your organization.


It is tough to find great talent but it is well worth the effort. After all, that is your biggest differentiator in the market. Great talent innovates, grows your business and inspires your teams to reach new heights.

There is a war for talent…fight a good fight!

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